Brain Blog


Brain Blog: Edition 3

Inside this issue we look at the ways in which the rich are different to the rest of us. We find out why conspiracy theories are so appealing and look at the way manager narcissism influences employee behaviour. 

  • Jennifer Dow

Brain Blog: Edition 2

In this issue of our blog we look at the condition of Misophonia, find out if you really do know the size of your head and ask are ladies always first? We also establish that more money does bring you more problems, in work life balance anyway. Look at the protests toddlers are creating about mobile phone use and find out that children born in the summer are more likely to be absent from school.
  • Jennifer Dow

Brain Blog: Edition 1

Inside this edition of our blog we find out what a face is worth, explore if private school eduction make you a nicer person, find out why people adopt new rules and ask does an offender's race determine public opinion on prison sentences.
  • Jennifer Dow