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Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. We hope that we can use this platform to share with you some of the psychology & criminology news that we have read. Plus some of the debates and topics that are currently evolving in the world of these fascinated subjects. 

Are the rich different from the rest of us?

Drawing on a unique sample of high-net-worth individuals in Germany, (those with over 1 million Euro in financial assets), Lecket (2018) investigated their personality profiles. He found that wealthy people can be characterised as stable, flexible and agentic individuals who are focused more on themselves than on others. 

 Why are conspiracy theories so appealing?

Many citizens around the globe believe conspiracy theories. Research suggests that conspiracy theories elicit intense emotions independent of emotional valence. People therefore find conspiracy theories entertaining – that is, narratives that people perceive as interesting, exciting, and attention-grabbing – and such entertainment appraisals are positively associated with belief in them. It would also appear that sensation seeking, a trait characterised by a preference for exciting and intense experience, also makes people more likely to be drawn to and believe in conspiracy theories.

Manager narcissism and employee silence

Employee silence is detrimental to organisations, and managers high in narcissism may create conditions that indirectly promote employee silence. Research in 2021 found that manager narcissism lowers employees’ perceptions of manager trustworthiness, which were in turn related to increased employee silence.

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