Meet our writing team

Welcome to On the Couch and we invite you to meet our team. 

Jennifer Dow: Editor has an honours degree in Psychology and Sociology from Edinburgh Queen Margaret University, a Master’s Degree in Forensic (Criminal & Legal) Psychology from Glasgow Caledonian University and a Teaching Qualification in Further Education from Dundee University.
Following her studies Jennifer worked in a prison teaching long term offenders both Psychology and Sociology and then spent a further 13 years as a lecturer in Psychology, Sociology and Criminology. She has also worked in other areas in her community including children and young people’s services, unemployment support and the police service.
Jennifer has a particular passion for perceptions of attractiveness and crime, visual imagery and eye witness testimony, rehabilitation of offenders and the development of personality. 

Charlotte Baker is a PhD student, lecturer and author and has written for EYE magazine, Spirit and Destiny Magazine, Sleep Stories and many fictional shorts as well as her own novel. She has a particular passion for horror and crime and a fascination with human behaviour and psychology.  

Soozi Baggs lectures in Criminology at the University of Plymouth, where she is also researching her PhD in women’s online gambling. She holds a BA (Hons) in Philosophical Studies, a Graduate Diploma in Law and an MSc in Criminology as well as being a qualified higher education teacher. Soozi’s early career was many and varied, working in education, international development, law, and finance (among others). After becoming a mum to twin boys she embarked on a mainly freelance career, again varied, including consultancy, copywriting, podcasting, and professional gambling. In 2016 she published her first book, Maternity Leavers: What to do about work now you’re a mum. Soozi’s criminological interests (like her career) are varied, but largely focus on cultural and critical criminology and specifically the harms relating to gambling, fashion, finance, and our digital lives. Website: Twitter: Soozi_B 

Linda Blair is a Chartered clinical psychologist, a Chartered scientist, an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, and a registered practitioner psychologist with the Health and Care Professions Council. She has written five books on various aspects of parenting and stress management. Her most recent book, Siblings, was published in October 2017.
Linda has written regular advice columns for a number of national publications. Including The Guardian, The Times, The Daily Mail and Psychologies Magazine. She currently writes a weekly column, Mind Healing, in The Daily Telegraph. She has also produced a series of videos for The Telegraph Online.

Natalie Bodart is a chartered psychologist with the British Psychological Society and an accredited Cognitive-Behavioural Psychotherapist with the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapists. She is currently completing her accreditation in Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing therapy.
She has a passion for working with my clients to face the tough stuff and get the results that they truly want and deserve. Natalie is a big believer in reducing the stigma around mental health and currently runs her own practice, The Bodart Practice.
The Bodart Practice is on a mission to offer high quality individual consultations and therapy as well as taking psychology into accessible spaces where we can really think, talk and get creative together through talks, workshops and retreats.
Sass Boucher is a counsellor and psychotherapist with her own private practice which focuses on resilience and supporting those who support others as a career. She is also the co-founder of SelfCare Psychology Ltd.

Jemma Broadstock has both a degree and masters degree in psychology and now runs her own business as a mentor. She combines psychology and mindset with business strategy to help women grow their own business. Her focus is that people create a business they love that makes them really happy and ensures their wellbeing is still priority. Jemma also runs various courses and programmes so she is always creating new content to teach others.

Heather Campbell is a 3rd Year university student of English Literature and Creative Writing and has qualifications in psychology. Heather enjoys practicing photography in her spare time and is an experienced writer for The Evening Telegraph newspaper.

Ruth Cooper-Dickson is a positive psychology practitioner and resilience, wellbeing and trauma-informed coach, Ruth works with individuals, global brands and charities to help them thrive.
Bringing with her many years’ experience in Mental Wealth consultancy, accredited coaching and training, her work has taken her to diverse environments - from multinational corporates to refugee camps and favellas. Online group coaching programmes and one-to-one coaching are also key elements of Ruth’s work.
Ruth founded global Mental Wealth consultancy, CHAMPS, in 2015 to support businesses on their journey of positive organisational culture change and launched My Mental Wealth™ – an eight-week course for individuals in 2020. Ruth also created sustainable Community Interest Company, CHAMPS for Change in 2019, enabling her to give back to communities affected by the causes she is most passionate about, namely survivors of domestic violence and abuse and marginalised people who have experienced trauma and adversity.
Reinforcing her standing in the research community, Ruth is a professional doctoral candidate for 2021, researching in the field of Existential Psychotherapy and Counselling. Ruth holds an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology with a research focus on coaching and post traumatic growth.

Lee Connor:  Although Lee has no lengthy list of designatory letters after his name, after surviving ‘education’ at one of North London's tougher secondary schools during the 1980's (where he was taught and encouraged in his love of English literature by none other than George Ezra's mum), he went on to work in a number of roles, including a lengthy spell as an archivist working twenty-foot underground in a decommissioned nuclear bunker!
Whenever possible he escaped the monotony of life by travelling around the world, meeting a whole range of fascinating characters along the way, and enjoying some quite incredible experiences. Those, combined with his love of animals and writing about them for a number of magazines, have made him something of a raconteur who is certainly never short of an opinion or something to say!

Holly Anne Crawford holds a First Class BA (Hons) Degree in Journalism. She is former editor of a leading B2B magazine and has had work published in a host of magazines and newspapers. She lives with her lovely Husband, Paul, in Northern Ireland where she is a free range journalist, cow-milker and foster mum to lots of lambs and calves. Her website is:

Michelle Ensuqe is a master practitioner in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and splits her time between consulting and coaching both for companies and individuals.  Previous to that she spent many years working in the military and then as a project manager and consultant in the public and private sector.

Louise Everett is a qualified transformational coach for Lifeworks Coaching and a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She helps people unlock and maximise their personal and professional potential. Louise has spent the past 25 years as a communications consultant, leader and mentor specialising in change management supporting teams, cultures, businesses, and brands to transform. She is passionate about empowering people to make life work better.

Katie Wainwright is a nurse and midwife, with a passion for many things in life including mindfulness, emotional freedom technique, emotional wellbeing and mental health first aid

Lisa Hannaby is a former lecturer in health and social care, Lisa is a psychology graduate, early childhood studies graduate and spent her first master’s degree considering how societal expectations influence our behaviour.  Spending a decade working with parents and children, Lisa has extensive experience of understanding human behaviour.  Her special interests are biological, cognitive, and nutritional psychology, particularly stress, the microbiome and the gut-mind connection.  In other words, what goes on in our brains, what affects it and whether we can change it.  Lisa is currently studying an MSc in Human Nutrition and is a freelance writer, consultant, educator, and speaker.   

Nicola Taylor is the Head of Criminology at Hereford Sixth Form College. She holds a BA (Hons) Degree in Applied Social Sciences, a Graduate Diploma in Clinical Criminology and an MSc in Criminological Psychology, as well as holding a PGCE teaching qualification and starting her PhD in the field of Criminology. Nicky's career path has taken several twists and turns since leaving university, from working in young offender institutes in criminal psychology, to working for celebrities and management around the world. Her entrepreneurial skills have seen her running and creating several businesses in the past, as well as working as a Consultant and appearing on TV and in the media, before a complete change in career, after starting a family. Her past times include studying martial arts, writing and spending time with her children and dogs.  

Theresa Jauregui is a positive psychology coach & yoga teacher with an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology. She is also a PhD student researching the benefits of yoga for ageing well.

Tracey Trussell is an experienced expert graphologist, Tracey analyses handwriting and doodles to uncover what it says about the person. Her passion is exploring the uniqueness of people through the prism of handwriting and doodle analysis. From just a few handwritten sentences and drawings, my work offers far-reaching and profound insight into people's personality and behaviour. Tracey is also an accredited tutor and mentor at the British Institute of Graphologists, as well as appointed Website Manager.

Lynne Jones is a qualified early year’s practitioner with 20 years of experience working with families and children in community-based activities. She is also a mother and grandmother with lived experience of a wide range of life situations and uses her learnt life experience and eclectic range of techniques to help others navigate these experiences towards the most positive outcome. Lynne is currently working as a Parent and Sibling Coach and has developed and implemented a successful programme for families parenting children with mental health challenges. All Lynne’s work centres around improving connection within relationships, which always starts with a person’s connection and relationship with themselves.  Contact details:

Nikolett Jozsika has a BA in English and American Studies with Creative Writing and an MSc in Criminology and Social Research. She is well versed in the topic of linguistics, qualified in qualitative and quantitative research and is deeply interested in anything police related. Nikolett also has worked with female prisoners and helps victims of hate crime and Stop Hate UK in her role there as a volunteer.

Jody Merelle currently works as a psychotherapist in a forensic mental health unit in Devon. Previously she worked as a barrister for ten years (in family law). One of my greatest passions in life is helping people improve their feelings of confidence and self-worth as well as finding ways to live fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Caz Moss is a writer, coach and spiritual cheerleader. She brings together the science of psychology with the magic of spirituality and a big dose of real life. Caz is more likely to be found debating the meaning of life over a few drinks in the local Wetherspoons than doing a Downward Dog in an Ashram in India.
Caz started her career as a Fashion & Celebrity Journalist interviewing stars including Kim Kardashian, Zac Efron and Yvette Fielding (a personal highlight!). She then ran several successful businesses before realising there is more to life than being chronically busy.
After having her own crash & burn/spiritual awakening, Caz, developed a passion for all things Positive Psychology and wellbeing. On a mission to inspire others to explore this world, she created the Crank Club online community and real-life events to ‘bring the psychology of spirituality to the masses.
Caz is currently studying MSc Positive Psychology and Counselling at the University of Bolton and is also a qualified teacher with over six years of experience working with teens with behavioural difficulties (which explains the sense of humour).

Shabnah Ratnarajah currently works as an NHS gastroenterologist (with experience in addictions) and is also a qualified hypnotherapist and coach. She has an interest in all aspects of human behaviour, and firmly believes in the perfection of the human mind and body, including that we make all of our choices and actions based on what our mind believes to be in our best interests, however helpful that may or may not be to our goals. Shabnah thinks the quickest and most effective way of effecting personal change is to understand why we do or believe something so we can decide to choose differently.

Sharon Rich is a Master NLP practitioner. She also practices Reflexology and is a Bach flower remedy practitioner. Originally qualified as an holistic therapist, she has gone on to extend her training to incorporate oncology complementary therapies, canine TTouch and pet bereavement. This wide area of interest has enabled her to build an understanding of the many aspects of our human condition and how we engage with the non-human companions in our life. She has had a long personal and professional interest in how we relate to our environment and the natural world bringing this relationship into the field of personal development and the therapeutic process. Sharon specializes in exploring the emotional dynamic between dogs and their owners and it’s use as a tool for personal development. Her website is

Carole Sandhu is an expert nutritionist, writer and speaker whose mission is to make the healthy choice, the easy choice by innovatively communicating the science of nutrition to be more accessible through her work with brands, organizations and the media.
Carole holds a BSc (Hons) in Nutrition, a Master’s Degree in Sports Science and a Distinction in Companion Animal Nutrition.  Before becoming freelance, Carole worked as a Registered Dietitian in the NHS specializing in women’s and children’s health and in new product development in industry.  She has also worked as a Sports Dietitian with people from recreational to elite level sport.

Natassja Smiljanic is a Law lecturer with over 25 years of experience of lecturing and tutoring in law. She specialises in Criminal law, public law, human rights law and with a particular interest in women in the law. She has worked for a number of women’s rights organisations, and published in the area of women’s human rights in war. Natassja is currently based at the Open University and at Warwick University.

Claire Stares is a freelance writer, conservationist, and animal advocate. She holds a BA (hons) English, an MA Creative Writing, and a PgCert Biodiversity, Wildlife and Ecosystem Health. A lover of wildlife and wild landscapes, Claire uses her writing to inspire people to engage with the natural world. She is a regular contributor to The Guardian's 'Country Diary’, and co-wrote the flagship book for 2020VISION, a multimedia project which investigated the connection between human wellbeing and healthy ecosystems, raising awareness of the value of restoring and protecting our natural environment for the benefit of both wildlife and people. Having spent the past twenty years living and working with wild and domestic animals, Claire has developed an interest in anthrozoology - the many and varied ways in which humans perceive, engage and co-exist with non-human animals. Having a particular passion for felids, she shares her home with six cats, is currently studying for an Advanced Diploma in Applied Animal Behaviour (Feline), and dreams of travelling the globe on a quest to see all 40 wild cat species in their natural habitat. 

Tony Wyatt practices as an independent self-employed barrister from his own Chambers within Ewing Law’s. Tony’s practice encompasses all aspects of serious criminal defence, from general crime and fraud through to confiscation, restraint and regulatory offences. In addition, he specialises in various aspects of Sports Law and in the field of Judicial Review. In General Crime Tony has developed a particular specialisation in offences that involve the threat or use of serious violence – ranging from murder to armed robbery – and has a stellar reputation in his approach to proceedings of this type. He also specialises in all forms of Serious Fraud and White-Collar Crime – often as leading counsel – and has a huge amount of experience dealing with technical defences to Motoring Offences. Away from law Tony is a bestselling thriller author, using a pen name to avoid confusion with his criminal practice.

Mary Mckenzie has a passion for all things education. Not just the academic, but the social, emotional and psychological aspects of learning that help children thrive. She works as an Assistant Headteacher at a large city junior school and loves nothing more than reading educational research! She holds a BA (hons) in International Relations, a PGCE, an MSc in Educational Leadership and Management and is a Chartered Fellow of the CMI.